A-240 Chestnut

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Fitz's Color Coat Aerosols is ideal for restoring the color of vinyl, visors, plastic, auto trim, kick panels, dashboards, seats and carpet. It is essential to clean the surface thoroughly first to remove any build-up of polish, dirt or silicone. This is to enable the coating to penetrate the surface coating that been previously applied. 


  • Prepare surface by removing dirt, grease and grime. Use a stiff brush to get into seams and crevices.
  • Use Fitz's Vinyl & Plastic Prep. Prepare with a clean cloth before refinishing.
  • Protect adjacent surfaces from overspray. Use at room temperature (70 degrees F). for best operation.
  • Shake can for 2 minutes until ball within begins to rattle. Repeat for 10 seconds after each minute of use.
  • Spray 6" to 10" from surface in a sweeping motion. Avoid runs and drips by applying several thin coats. Allow 5 minutes between coats if needed.
  • If spray button becomes clogged, pull off and clean. 


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