Aniline Recoloring Kit

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Aniline Recoloring Kit

  • CLA Bordeaux (1 oz)
  • CLA Green (1 oz)
  • CLA Yellow (1 oz)
  • CLA Red (1 oz)
  • CLA Dark Brown (1 oz)
  • CLA Blue (1 oz)
  • CLA Natural (1 oz)
  • CLA Brown (1 oz)
  • CLA Lemon (1 oz)
  • Wipe Out - Base (1 oz)

Shake each color well. The tints can be added to Wipe Out or used as is to bring down the brightness of the color. 

Apply to soft cloth and rub into leather. Let it dry between coats. Can use hair dryer to speed up drying time.

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