Auto Fresh Deodorant Bars Assorted Pack (10)

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Auto Fresh Auto Deodorant Bars Assorted Pack (10 Pack)

Key Features:

  • Each bar is two applications in one package.
  • Provides a long-lasting fresh, clean fragrance.
  • Continues to deodorize and freshen air even after the odor is gone.
  • Non-sensitizing (people sensitive to fragrance can use this product safely).
  • People and Pet Safe. Good for the environment, biodegradable.

Scents Included in Assorted Pack:

  • Fresh Mountain Air
  • Blue Ice
  • Citrus Cedar Wood
  • Exotic Vanilla
  • Very Berry Cherry
  • Summer Evening
  • Lemon Kissed Mint Leaf
  • Crisp Apple
  • Fresh Cut Orange
  • New Car

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