Custom Colors


If you are having a hard time finding a SEM standard color that matches your leather or vinyl surface then we can create a custom color just for you! 

How it Works:

  1. Mail in or bring in at least a 1 inch by 1 inch sample of the surface you are trying to dye.
    • For example if you are working on a car's seat then you can bring/mail in a head rest.
    • Or, if you are working on a piece of furniture then you can bring/mail in a piece of the fabric from the bottom of the furniture or a full cushion.
  2. Once we receive the sample then we will create a color matched color for you in any size bottle, from a Gallon to an 8 ounce, or even an aerosol can in either Color Coat (solvent based) or Sure Coat (water-borne). 
    •  It normally takes one to two days to create the custom color, depending on how backed up our lab is.
  3. We then will ship it out to you or you can come by and pick it up.


  • To create the color match the lab fee is $35 plus the cost of the bottle/can of color.
  • Once we create a color and you have the formula number then we can create the color for you again and again without the lab fee.

If you need a discontinued SEM color then you can give us a color formula for that color and we can create it. 

  • There is no lab fee for this.

If you have any questions about a custom color then email our color matcher, Scott, at


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