NS Nano Cut (Gallon)

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Nano Cut Finishing Compound

  • Designed to follow Nanoskin Speed Cut Cutting Compound and all other Nanoskin compounds to remove light swirls and restore optimum gloss.
  • Will give you smooth, flawless results when applied by hand or with a dual action orbital polisher.
  • Micro ceramic nano abrasives allow the polish to cut fast and leave a smooth finish in fewer passes.
  • Does not break down like diminishing abrasives.


  • For best results, use on clean, cool paint and out of direct sunlight.
  • Clean pad frequently using pad conditioner brush or compressed air using regulator approved air nozzle.

Removing 1,500 - 2,500 Grit Wet Sanding Marks:

Removing 2,500 - 3,000 Grit Wet Sanding Marks or Finer Scratches:

  • Apply Nanoskin Nano Cut Finishing Compound uniformly to Microbuff Cutting Pad.
  • Buff at 4800 opm, working a 2' x 2' section.
  • Wipe residue off using a soft, clean microfiber towel.
  • Make your own choice for finishing:
  • Apply  Nanoskin Formula 67 for Professional Quick Detail with  Microbuff Polishing Pad to add a layer of wax and restore showroom gloss (Speed 38oo opm).
  • Apply  Nanoskin Seal Nano Perfect Sealant with Microbuff Finishing Pad to remove gloss hindering defects while leaving a durable layer of paint protection behind (3800 opm).



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