Training Videos




Introduction to Vinyl Pro


Leather Repair on an Airplane Seat


Leather Repair on a Car Seat


Velour Repair Made Strong


Steinel: Best Heat Gun for Vinyl/Leather 


Vinyl Repair on Heat Sensitive Door Panel


Leather Repair Tints on Aniline


Vinyl Repair Guaranteed Method


Vinyl Repair of a Small Hole


Vinyl Repair of a Hole All the Way Thru


Paint Spraying Using Turbine System PPS


Vinyl Door Panel Repair Using Heat


Specialty Auto Matched Graining Molds


SEM Aerosols


Vinyl Repair for Hospitals and Similar Institutions


Blind Stitching for Automotive Seats


Plastic Bumper Repair Techniques


Steinel Vacuum Cup Gun Holder


Leather & Vinyl Repair Compounds


Odor & Stain Removal


Heat Tools for Vinyl & Leather Repair


SEM Flexible Coatings


Paint Application Tools


Graining Leather & Vinyl


Leather & Vinyl Repair


Odor Eliminator


Aniline Leather Furniture Recoloring

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